The Wall of Change

Sustainability, environmental protection and, in general, everything we do for a better world is very important to us. We have often asked ourselves how we can best share all of our measures (there are already over a whopping 230!), our knowledge and our experiences in order to inspire and motivate others. This is how our Wall of Change came about.
These can now be found in digital form on and will also be available in real form in our lobby in the future.

The digital Wall of Change

All of our sustainability measures can be found described on the digital Wall of Change. For each measure there is an explanation, the implementation period and the respective SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that the measure is pursuing. In addition, the relevant partners with whom the measure was implemented are linked. This is intended to make it as easy as possible to replicate the measure. Theft of ideas is expressly desired!

The analog Wall of Change

The analog Wall of Change is a wall in the lobby. The headings of the individual measures were engraved on wooden sheets, which are placed on this wall. This creates a visually very appealing installation that is intended to arouse the curiosity of all guests. The leaves move in the wind, reinforcing the impression of an organic structure. A small text containing a link draws attention to the digital Wall of Change, where those interested can find all further information.