The Hotel Luise

The Hotel Luise has existed in Erlangen since 1956. As a 3rd generation family hotel, we have been committed to environmental protection and sustainability since the early 1980s. We think in cycles and also consider economic and social sustainability to be topics close to our hearts. Our vision for the future: to become the circular hotel.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1956
  • Family hotel in the 3rd generation
  • 32 employees (including our own cleaning team)
  • 92 rooms
  • 35 parking spaces (2 with charging stations & 24 in the underground car park)
  • Rental bikes
  • centrally but quietly located
  • very good connections to public transport
  • Amenities (spa, lounge, microforest, fitness, rooftop)
  • awarded multiple times
  • climate positive

Almost all of them, but there are more!

Our lucky crew (team)

For us, every employee is part of the family. Friendly interaction, permanent employment, above-standard pay and employee benefits are a given. Because for us it’s not the work-life balance that counts, but rather the work-life happiness. Together we work to make the world a little better every day.

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Captains (the hotel family)

The Creative (Ben Förtsch)

3. Generation

Young, dynamic, environmentally conscious – “Captain” Ben Förtsch is not your usual hotelier, but does his own thing. It is thanks to his vision and hard work that the Hotel Luise can call itself Germany’s first climate-positive hotel.

The Pioneers (Gudrun & Klaus Förtsch)

2. Generation

As pioneers in the field of sustainable hotel business, the former managing directors Klaus and Gudrun Förtsch set the environmentally friendly course in the 1990s that their son is now following. In doing so, they laid the foundation for the unique concept of the Hotel Luise.

Klaus Förtsch † 27.12.2018

The Founders (Margarethe & Heinz Förtsch)

1. Generation

Heinz Förtsch founded the Hotel Luise together with Marga(rethe) in 1956. Unfortunately, both have already died, but their traces remain in the hotel.

The hotel over the years

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It is summer. Maybe a late spring day. She was cycling and dismounted briefly. Her hair throws graceful waves, just like the landscape in the background. Rolling hills. The gables and roofs of a village. Home idyll in 1931. Luise Gumbmann is 25 years young…

Where did Luise cycle to on this beautiful day? The photograph waiting to be viewed on a page of an old family photo album doesn’t tell us that. The photograph waiting to be viewed on a page of an old family photo album doesn’t tell us that. There’s a bit of skepticism in her look, as if she doesn’t want to stop and pose, but instead wants to keep cycling. Was it like that?

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