Erlangen, Franconia

Erlangen is not Berlin, nor Munich or Hamburg*. Nevertheless, it is quite nice here. Whether for a coffee in the pretty old town right by the castle gardens, for a stroll through the small and large shops or for an evening at the theater – anyone who ventures towards the inner and old town will definitely be rewarded.

*Erlangen can be reached from all of these cities via direct ICE connection.

Erlangen culture

Watch a play in the oldest baroque theater in southern Germany and feel like the Margrave/Margravine himself? Experience how the entire city is transformed into a single, colorful comic world with artists on every corner? Over 100 performances in the area of ​​figure, image and object theater within 10 days? Margrave Theater, comic salon and figure festival: this is just a small selection of cultural highlights that can be experienced in Erlangen. Whether you’re a museum lover, a party animal or a literature fan – everyone is sure to get their money’s worth here!

Erlangen nature

The green soul always lets the hustle and bustle of the city fade into the background. From carefully landscaped parks to dense forests, there is something for everyone. This means you can get some wonderful fresh air in Erlangen at any time of the year. Whether by bike or on foot: your next trip into nature is guaranteed to be worth it. And best of all: the most beautiful gardens and parks are just a few minutes away from your hotel room in Erlangen.

Made in Erlangen & unique places of happiness

It is often the small, inconspicuous shops that have the greatest treasures on their shelves. Be it a souvenir or a purely personal lucky purchase – it’s not that easy to find unique and locally produced products. We know our city very well and have put together a few smaller and larger insider tips for a (shopping) walk below. But this list is far from complete! There’s a lot more to discover near all of these shops (but we don’t want to give it all away just yet)!

FairFashion and world-saving accessories

What used to be unappealing in terms of fashion is now very trendy and rightly so. You can find fair and sustainable fashion in a variety of boutiques in Erlangen. Why is this so important to us? With every euro you spend, you choose who you want to support. You decide what future should emerge with your help. It would be nice to make the world fairer and more tolerable for everyone. If you’re rewarded with a great shirt or stylish new sneakers, that’s a good step into a more positive world.

Torsten’s Fair Fashion Shop on Friedrichstrasse has been a pioneer in Erlangen for over 10 years. The GreenVolution Store only stocks brands that treat the people who produce our clothing with respect, pay the producers fair wages, ensure appropriate working conditions and do not allow child labor.

Tortuuga has a great selection from shoes, jewelry to accessories and clothes. “The idea of ​​tortuuga came from the vision of leaving a better world for our children combined with my passion for fashion.” – Owner Carmen Padilla

Open by tradition

Beer city?
Bicycle city?
Student city?
Huguenots city?
University city?

Is Erlangen in an identity crisis? No, but we are so diverse that Erlangen is difficult to put a label on it. We are a big city with a small town feel, a bit of France and in the middle of Franconia.

Open by tradition, this is not just a slogan. It is the philosophy that makes Erlangen so special.

Active Erlangen

One thing is certain: you won’t get bored in and around Erlangen! The choice of activities is almost limitless. We would be happy to give our favourite tips.

Across the city limits

Erlangen belongs to the Nuremberg metropolitan region. In 25 minutes you can be in Nuremberg city center, but you can also be in Bamberg just as quickly. Franconian Switzerland begins slowly behind the next hill. If you would like to find out more about the Franconia region, visit the Franconia Tourism Association website and find out how nice it is to discover a region that knows no #masstourism or #overtourism. So Franconia is still a real insider tip (well, maybe except for Nuremberg and Bamberg)!

Jacco Kliesch, an audiovisual artist from the region, took the time to create a very special declaration of love for his homeland over the course of a summer. After watching this short film, you’ll know exactly why we feel so comfortable here.

Ausblick in der fränkischen Schweiz mit Hügeln, Wäldern und verstreuten Bäumen.

Franconian Switzerland

Would you rather have tall trees and rocky outcrops instead of picturesque houses? Anyone who is drawn to the countryside will be happy in the surrounding area of ​​the charming student town.
Franconian cosiness and pure nature: It’s not for nothing that the Franconian Switzerland around Erlangen is a popular destination for city dwellers and day trippers. Climbing, hiking, biking, horse riding or canoeing – no matter which direction you go, there is a lot to experience around Erlangen. And one thing is certain: the next inn is never too far away.