Free Bus Rides in Erlangen

Since January 2024 you have been able to ride the bus in Erlangen city center for free. This not only means you choose an environmentally friendly means of transport, but you also save money. You can find out here the quickest way to get from the hotel to the free bus area and what else you should pay attention to.

Just around the corner and off we go!

The nearest bus stop, which is within the free area, is not far away. In about 5 minutes on foot you will reach the Siemens Administration stop (350 meters). There you can take bus number 286 (towards Büchenbach) or 287 (towards Büchenbach). Both lines take you directly into the city center to the arcades, the main train station or Martin-Luther-Platz. They run alternately approximately every 15 minutes.

Kostenlos Busfahren in Erlangen Busplan
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Which area is free?

You can easily see whether a bus stop is part of the free area. The name of the stop is then highlighted in yellow-orange on the stop sign. You can board all buses at this stop around the clock and do not need a ticket. But be careful: as soon as the bus leaves the free area (recognizable by stop signs that do not have a yellow-orange background) you need a ticket. You can purchase this directly from the bus driver, in the VGN app, on the VGN website or at a ticket machine.
Tip: If you look up a bus connection in the VGN app or on the VGN website, you will immediately see whether the trip is free.

Which bus routes are free?

All lines within the specified area are free. There is only a charge as soon as the bus is no longer in the defined city center area. So if you only drive through the yellow area, out of it or in from outside, you have to buy a ticket.

Good to know

Not only do you get free bus transport in the city center, but so do your four-legged friend and your bike.
You can find more information about free bus travel in Erlangen here.