We, the Klima-Hotels (Climate-Hotels), are hosts who have optimised our CO₂ emissions, both ecologically and economically.
Our hotels have calculated their carbon footprint and we are compensating the unavoidable residual CO₂ emissions with certified climate projects. We have made it our task to offer our guests a climate-friendly stay without any loss of quality or comfort. It is important to us to promote climate awareness throughout Germany, to advance it and to increase its protection.

We are aware of our responsibility towards our fellow men, the environment and the generations to follow and we aim to harmonise ecological, economical and social qualities.

In addition, we are:

1.    FAIR to our children and all generations to follow by reducing the own impact and informing about the climate change, offering climate neutral overnight stays and using renewable energies.

2.    FAIR to our region by deliberately preferring local high quality food. Therefore, we are able to offer a delicious and diverse choice of meals. We are also securing jobs within the region and cutting traffic emission by having shorter transportation routes. When purchasing our supplies, we take great care to choose environmentally friendly produced products that are also good for the environment – predominantly products being certified by an official eco label.

3.    FAIR to all the people in the world, who have to work harder than us in order to survive, by buying coffee and tea from Fair Trade sources. Also, throughout our projects in Panama and India, we help the locals to profit: providing long-term employment, training and further education as well as subsequent improved living conditions. We do our part to realise climate justice.

4.    FAIR to our employees by ensuring that we pay agreed wage rates. Furthermore, we always watch out for qualified training and support regular further education. At the same time, we try to support those who  are disadvantaged in the job market (e.g. older employees, the handicapped or those with a migration background). The subject 'work-life balance' is of special concern to us. This includes an honest appreciation of achievements, acceptable working hours and a pleasant working environment: We look out for each other.


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